Tuesday, March 08, 2005

let your voice be heard

I have created this blog for people to inform the public of the shady Business going on in their area. Please let you voice be heard to ensure nobody else falls victim to Shady Business. Together we can put an end to people getting screwed over!

Jefferson city MO.

I have moved to missouri in the past year and am upset to say I haven't had a very good experience. It seems that every time I turn around someone is trying to screw me and my family. It all started when we moved into the first rental offered by a scam artist named Dan Breshears. If You happen to run into this clown I recommend kicking his ass, or turning the other dirrection and getting as far from him as possible. He is the owner of a slum his mother used to live in on an Audrain county raod. The house is infested with bugs, spiders and redish brown water. Then he has the clever little tricks of keeping your $1,000.00 deposit for such things as fuel for the lawn mower he uses to mow the grass.
Then we finally cut our losses and moved to Jefferson City where we made the mistake of taking our 89 Ford pick-up to Apache Muffler to get the new leaf springs put in. Well lets just say that if you get a price from them, you better make sure it is in writting. They looked the truck over and told me that the job was bid for three hours and that the labor would be 150.00, well by the time they got around to doing the work, they realized that four of the bolts were rusted. (hello, this is Missouri. Everything rusts) well to make a long story short... they tacked on another 100.00 and said that they never told me it was going to be 150.00. Theses clowns would lie to the face of their mother if they could get another dollar out of her. So then when I was fed up with fighting with them they refused to take any sort of payment except for cash! Again stay away from these con-artists and let everyone know about how they run their business. I guess I just come from a place where a man's word is his bond, but apparently these people here are willing to walk over anyone and anything to make a fast buck, regardless of how they have to do it.